How to grow Terrestrial Orchids.... How to grow Terrestrial Orchids....

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This group of species have varying requirements.
The cultural requirements of the Gymnadenia and platanthera are detailed in the Other Native Orchids cultural notes. The orchis aristata is a member of the Dactylorhiza genus.

The Calopogon, Eleorchis and Pogonia are all species which thrive in bogs or wet conditions; often growing in natural sphagum. The first two are tuberous, whilst the Pogonia is a string like rhizome. They all begin growth in early spring and flower in May/June. After which they die back down fairly quickly. It is relatively easy to construct a suitable water tight container and make a small bog garden in an alpine house or outdoor trough.

The two Cephalanthera species are rhizomatous woodland plants and they can be grown in the garden in humus rich free draining semi-shade or in large pots. They are fully hardy to about minus 6 degrees. the Cremistra has similar requirements but being a tuber is best grown in apot in an alpine house..